Wednesday, January 28, 2009

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 - Significant Event in history

The 2009 meeting in Davos at the world economic forum is significant not just for the topics that are to discussed but sheer number of confirmed participation is historic. It seems the whole world is getting together to discuss and decide the fate of world economy. Number of participants at the forum is simply staggering, More than 2500 participants from 96 countries of which over 50% are business leaders, drawn principally from the Forum's Members – the 1,000 foremost companies from around the world and across economic sectors. Over 1,400 chief executives and chairpersons from the world’s leading companies, the highest ever since the World Economic Forum was founded in 1971.

The meeting will be focused on managing the current economic crisis around the world and shaping the entire post-crisis agenda. Leaders will also discuss about the new economic reform and climate change. Lets all hope that the event is a huge success and the integration of all stakeholders of global society is able to transform the state of the world economy.

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